Common IGBA principles

Access to affordable quality medicines 

We believe that seeking to improve access to affordable quality medicines worldwide and promote the quality, safety and efficacy of generic medicines is of utmost importance. 

Ensure timely access for patients 

In addition, we all know how difficult it is to strike a balance between patent protection and free competition, which is why achieving balanced intellectual property rights in our sector will ensure timely access for patients to our products.

Global harmonisation of regulations relating to quality 

Another of our top priorities is to promote the global harmonisation of regulations relating to the quality of generic products, especially ensuring strict adherence to bioequivalence standards.

Improving regulatory and legal expertise 

We have also worked very hard to provide guidance to international organisations and national governments to improve their regulatory and legal expertise relating to the manufacture, registration and marketing of high quality generic medicines, and promotion of uniform and effective GMP standards and quality controls.

Prevent the production and trade of counterfeit versions 

Finally, we are concerned with the counterfeiting of medicines, which is a criminal act that puts the health and life of patients in jeopardy. As you all know, generic and originator medicines must comply with strict regulatory requirements and their quality, safety and efficacy are guaranteed by regulatory authorities. In contrast, counterfeit medicines are inferior or fake products which do not comply with regulatory requirements and pose a severe public health risk. That is why, as an alliance, we are fighting in favour of strict and effective regulatory controls to prevent the production and trade of counterfeit versions of all medicines and their APIs. 

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