IGBA CEO Advisory Committee




Richard Saynor
Chair, IGBA CEO Advisory Committee
Chief Executive Officer

"During COVID-19, generics companies worked together to help ensure reliable access to essential medicine for people across the world. The creation of, and our participation in, the IGBA CEO Advisory Committee, is our commitment that we will act with patients in mind as we work together on global solutions for accessible and sustainable healthcare."



Vinita Gupta
Vice-Chair, IGBA CEO Advisory Committee
Chief Executive Officer
Lupin Ltd.

"Generic and biosimilar medicines are a cornerstone for improving global quality of life and well-being.  We here are united in our commitment to improve patients access to cost effective therapies that are quality-assured and safe."



Chirag Patel
President and Co-Chief Executive Officer
Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"A passion for helping patients access more affordable essential medicines has been the catalyst for so many healthcare innovations. Whether driving the ongoing success of the global generics industry or supporting the rise of biosimilars, it is unity, alignment, and partnership that will enable us to continue making a positive impact on patients' lives. I look forward to serving on IGBA's inaugural CEO Advisory Committee and working alongside my esteemed industry colleagues to help shape the global discussions and policies critical for accelerating even more innovation, access, and affordability."

Jeff Watson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Apotex Inc.

"During a critical time for our sector, this advisory committee represents a unique opportunity to align on the most pressing issues, and to bring forward a united voice to shape policies in support of patients."


Samina Hamied
Executive Vice-Chairperson
Cipla Ltd.

 "I am glad to be a part of the transformative IGBA advisory board with my fellow colleagues from across the healthcare industry. As the world continues to face healthcare challenges, I firmly believe this platform will bring pivotal issues to the fore and serve as a collective force towards addressing critical healthcare needs."



Satish Reddy
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

"The pandemic has brought to the fore the need for global solutions to address emerging and future healthcare challenges. Therefore, this advisory committee by IGBA comes at a very important time."



Lucas Sigman
Chief Executive Officer
Insud Pharma S.L.

"Having one and united voice is always great news in our industry. Together we will contribute to focus on the healthcare system sustainability and, of course, on the improvement patient access to costly treatments."



Markus Sieger
Chief Executive Officer
Polpharma Group

"Polpharma Group and myself take our purpose to help people to live a healthy life in a healthy world very serious. We focus on the patient to give better access to affordable drug treatments and to support important topics like compliance and other aspects of healthcare with digital and other innovative solutions. As part of the IGBA CEO Advisory Committee I will focus to contribute strongly in these areas."



Peter Goldschmidt
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Executive Board
STADA Arzneimittel AG

"Improving access to medicines is a global challenge that requires global action. That is why I look forward to working closely as a trusted partner with organizations including the WHO and WTO as an inaugural member of the CEO Advisory Committee established by the IGBA."


Dilip Shanghvi
Managing Director
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

"I am happy to join the CEO Advisory Committee set up by the IGBA. The generic & biosimilar industry leaders of 14 leading multinational companies coming together for the first time to discuss critical global healthcare policy issues is a great step."  


Richard Francis
President and Chief Executive Officer
Member of the Board of Directors

"Accelerating patient access to high-quality medicines is our industry's common purpose and improving the lives of patients is Teva's unique mission so I'm pleased to join this CEO Advisory Committee to address global healthcare policy."



David Peix
Chief Executive Officer
Towa Pharma International Holdings S.L.

"This advisory committee represents a milestone for the 14 worldwide leading companies of generic, value added and biosimilar medicines, as for the first time we are officially together on facing the main actual challenges and we are all working by our common purpose: the patients."




Michael Goettler
Chief Executive Officer
Viatris Inc.


"With the formation of the IGBA CEO Advisory Committee, I am proud to contribute to dialogue with partners across our industry to advance our shared commitment on behalf of patients. Enabling equitable access to medicines for patients, regardless of geography, has always been a priority for the generic and biosimilar medicines industry."



Pankaj Patel
Zydus Lifesciences Ltd.

"The coming together of generic and biosimilar industry leaders in this forum is a great leap forward and one that will unite us all in a larger purpose to unlock newer possibilities that can impact and improve the quality of life for the patients. I see the convergence as a positive step that will open up discussions on how we can empower patients by making  affordable therapies accessible to them. I look forward to contributing to this mission as an inaugural member of the CEO Advisory Committee of IGBA."

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